In Memoriam Lights App Reviews

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Sorry I spent 99cents on this.

Could be better. Every tap results in an annoying error sound. The music is very creepy. Be nice to use music of my own choice that fits loved one. When people wish to memorialize someone, it should be done properly. Please come back to this app and fix it with the compassion that should be evident.

In memorial lights

You can add your own music. Get it from your playlists. But how can you save it and up load to face book or email? Not happy

must-have app

We all have beloved ones who have passed away. I recommend this to all of you who wish to remember them.

maybe a couple changes, but nice:}

I just got this 5 minutes ago.. its a nice concept, but you need to be able to use your own music. Maybe even have it so it goes back and forth between different people u have. That would be nice. Everyone will probably have more than just one person to put on here, but I do like th fact that I can have a memoriam on my iphone:}

Looked morbid, but...

...its a wonderful app to remember and share. Love it. Thanks v.m!

unusual idea

I didnt know it existed and now I would miss it.

Thank you for this experience!

I have lost my Grandama recently. This app helps me to remember her anywhere, anytime... I warmly recommend it to everybody who has somebody to remember.

Nice but needs a few fixes

I would like to utilize this app but it feels more over the top dark cheese than the way I want to honor my soulmate. Changing the theme to be more a celebration of that life than something out of Disneys Haunted Mansion would be a start. Something akin to the chaple at DeGrazia Gallery of the sun in Tucson (pics online google). A photo of the door to the San Xavier Del Bach mission as a background would be classy and have the right tone. (again, google). Im a former animation /art director...I cant help myself. The midi music makes it worse. Im surprized theres no switch to turn it off...or better, use your own. Sorry for the harsh critique but this could be a top notch app with a few modifications. Otherwise its a wonderful idea with an obvious niche.

Im Ill give it a 3 out of 5

This application is an excellent idea, Im happy now that we can use our own music, but I just wished that we had a variety of candles and photo frames to choose from... then it would have gotten 5 out of 5 stars.

Updates please 

I like this app.but noticed right away that you cant adjust your picture in the frame. And as others have stated, more choices to choose from would be nice. Different frames and candles. Would like years on pic too. But guess I could do that with photogenie. l Really hope for updates. Thank you for thinking of our loved ones.

Comforting in times of grief

I lost a friend suddenly and have been simply overcome with grief. This has been of immense comfort just knowing that I can see the picture of friend I lost and have the candle flickering in remembrance whenever need be.

Thank you - Great idea

Would like to have a default for no music, also the ability to enter date of death and have the candle emailed to you on the anniversary date.

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